Ben Ross conducting oral history interview.

Ben Ross conducting oral history interview.

The Hobart based Oral History Company assists individuals, families and organisations to record and present their histories using recorded interviews.

Ben Ross is the director of the OHC. He has documented stories for 25 years in family, community and corporate settings. He has worked as an independent radio producer, producing documentaries for ABC Radio, JJJFM and community radio. Read more of Ben’s background in oral history here.

Ben has a MA Honours from the University of Western Sydney for research into community story telling, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the University of Tasmania.

Each oral history project is different, so Ben will discuss options with clients to ensure the process and final products are suitable. For large oral history projects Ben engages additional media producers.

The Oral History Company can present histories in print, audio, video and installation mediums:

  • CD and DVDs
  • Podcasts and web formats
  • Written transcripts
  • Booklets
  • Digital photo stories
  • Mixed media installations

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