Recent projects

Recent projects include family and corporate history projects, radio documentaries, and community storytelling programs. Examples are below:

Lurdes Pires. East Timorese independence advocate, film maker, and much more

Lurdes Pires and her family fled East Timor in 1975 during the Indonesian invasion and settled in Darwin. For the next twenty-four years Lurdes fought for East Timor’s independence. Lurdes returned to East Timor in 1999 to help with the historic referendum for independence. Lurdes has worked as a film director and producer in Australia since 2000.

Interview with Lurdes Pires

Peter Jones. Quaker and lifelong peace and human rights activist

Peter discusses his life as a Quaker, teacher, and as an activist for human rights, peace and environmental causes, his years travelling the world linking with activist organisations and participating in campaigns, being arrested and gaoled, and many of his other achievements and adventures!

Interview with Peter Jones.

Colin Dennison. Tasmanian collector and historian

Colin discusses his life collecting images of Tasmania, and his recent donation of the collection to University of Tasmania Library. 

Interview with Colin Dennison

Michael Kieran Harvey and Arjun von Caemmerer: The Green Brain Cycle

Ben interviewed contemporary composer and performer Michael Kieran Harvey and poet Arjun von Caemmerer about their collaboration on the project The Green Brain Cycle. The interviews document Michael’s composition process, and the collaboration with Arjun and visual artist Brigita Ozolins.

Interview with Michael Kieran Harvey

Interview with Arjun von Caemmerer

Margaret Steadman

Ben interviewed prominent Hobart community member Margaret Steadman. The interviews capture her parents’ and grandparents’ family histories, and Margaret’s life story, from her childhood in England, immigration to Australia and early years in Western Australia, work and study, moving to Tasmania, community activism and more.

Tony and Carol Prichard. Family history

Ben worked with Tony and Carol Prichard, Tasmania to create a booklet presenting their family history. It contains 14 hours of life stories on CD and usb, indexed for easy access, photos and a family tree. This was packaged in a glossy booklet for current and future generations.



Australian Generations Oral History Project

Ben worked as an interviewer on this national research and archive project which collects hundreds of interviews for the National Library of Australia. A radio series has been produced for ABC Radio National.

Project information

Interviews available via National Library catalogue here

Colony 47

The Oral History Company captured the stories of staff members and ex-clients of this wonderful community organisation. The stories are used in Colony 47’s promotional and archival resources.

Radio documentaries for ABC Radio National:

The Church is Open. Where are the People? 

Documentary exploring the history of the Catholic Church in Argentina. Broadcast 2013.

Figurines, Buenos Aires

Figurines, Buenos Aires

More Foul the Tunnel’s Breath

The Tasmanian Mt Lyell mine disaster, 1912.  Forty two miners died after a fire broke out the mine’s pump house. Broadcast 2012.

A rescued miner emerges.

A rescued miner emerges.

Youth Justice series. ABC Radio National and JJJFM

Young people talk about their experiences with the NSW Juvenile Justice system.  We trained the young people in story telling for radio and audio production.

I believe there is a serious problem between young people and police
I’m perceived as the good boy with morals among my friends
I seen a lot of bad stuff happen
I was a very stressed and angry young woman

History project for New Town Primary School.

Lenna Grainger went to New Town Primary School, Hobart during the time of the Second World War. In these three oral history pieces she tells of air raid shelters at the school, food rationing, school and home life.

Gloria and Lenna (reproduced with permission)

Gloria and Lenna (reproduced with permission)

A. Lenna. The War Years (Photo story)

B. Lenna. School (Audio)

C. Lenna. Food shopping, family dinners (Audio)

Woman Sucked Into Pokie

Stories from people with gambling problems. These pieces came from a community writing project Ben directed. Radio, written text, video and visual art content was created, telling the stories of people surviving poker machine addictions.

When I first started gambling
Your account balance is zero zero zero

Community  Broadcasting Association of Australia mental health project. 

Ben collected stories from people with mental illness for this national project.

Chrissy. All my thoughts were spiralling downwards
Chrissy. Mum and Gran

There’s more info about the project here

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